Down and Dirty, Fast and Flirty

Playing a bit of catch-up. I'm behind on posting FO's, so here's a mishmash of projects:

A dress for Leanne.
This is my best one yet, with a double row of top-stitching on the shirt, plus I used my new rolled-hem foot to make an almost perfect edging. Need a bit more practice there. 
Leanne loves it, especially when I pointed out the Hello Kitty fabric.
We made up a story - the kitties are trying to swim across the water (the blue fabric band) so they can play with Nemo and his friends. I started to say "snack on" Nemo but "play" seemed better for a 3-year-old.

A hat for Mary. 
Saw this in a magazine but didn't pay much attention until a customer came into the shop looking for help with the pattern. 
The construction is neat. A fast project and lots of fun. If it fits, and if Mary likes it, I can see making a lot more of these. Details on my Ravelry page here.   

I'm not sewing up the last seam, nor weaving in my tails, until I'm sure this fits. Sizing info in the pattern was pretty, shall we say, unhelpful open to interpretation.
Samples for a class.
I'm teaching Hearts, Hearts, Hearts! at Eweniversity next week. My idea is that these could take the place of flowers as a decorative element on hats, jeans, etc. Fast, fun and done.


They Like Them!

All the bunnies are in their new homes - 

Addy is keeping the name "Philomena".
Leanne calls hers "Huggy Bunny";
and Leia says her new friend is "Flower" and "her last name is Easter Bunny". Wonder if that's with a hyphen or without . . .


Easter Huggy Bunnies

Meet the Bunnies -
from the left: Pauline, Philomena and George. I'm sure the little girls will change the names, but for now, that's what the bunnies told me they want to be called.
 Blue/green mix for Addison

This was an easy project. The free pattern - Huggy Bunny from Stitch11  - was great and I followed it almost exactly. The only real difference was I stuffed the arms and legs lightly rather than leaving them unstuffed.
Pink  for Leia

If I make these again, I'd use buttons for the eyes and noses. Attaching the safety pieces to this extra bulky yarn* was a royal pain - and I'm still not sure they will stay put. The buttons on Leanne's look just as cute, were easier to install, and I know they'll stay where they belong.
Yellow for Leanne

Addy's new baby goes in the mail tomorrow. I can't decide if I should give Leia and Leanne theirs on Easter or before. It may come down to whether or not Grandma can keep a secret that long . . . 

*More details on my Ravelry page here. Yarn is Bernat Baby Blanket that I found on sale online for $2.50 per skein. Love a good sale! 


Another UFO No More

My second completed UFO for the month. Whoo!
Finished size: 52 x 72"

I bought the fabric at Roxanne's over a year ago (here) and finished the quilt top the same week. All I needed were the borders.
And it sat . . . and sat . . . and sat . . . .
Until this week when I finally got the remaining pieces cut, sewn, ironed and admired.
I loved this fabric from first sight and - unusual for me - knew exactly how I wanted the finished quilt to look. And it does.
What's changed are my plans for the back. In my mind, I see a narrow panel with alternating orange and fish prints (like the blocks on the front, but smaller) and a center strip featuring a fussy cut mermaid from another fabric I bought at Roxanne's, placed off-center across the backing fabric. Kind of excited to see if I can make this work.  


Opposite of Irony is Wrinkly

My favorite hubby took a break from grouting floor tile,
and removing 35+ year old counter tops,
which had, apparently, been cemented so they would stay in place forever,
to build me a new ironing board. And I am thrilled.
Last week, the old one decided to fall on Leanne's head (she wasn't hurt, not even really scared - but I was!) a day before the pin holding the legs fell out and the whole thing dropped on my toes. Think it was trying to tell me something??
I'd been thinking of replacing it with something more practical for quilting and the necessity of pressing yards of fabric at a time. Hubby took apart the old board; fixed the wonky legs; cut a nice, big, wood board,
with sweet curved edges

and screw-in knobs so it can be removed if needed,
then stapled on the heat-resistant fabric I bought two years ago or so  . . . .
and voila! 
A new treasure for my sewing room. Love it! 


My Little Reader

What a difference a year 8 months makes. 
We played Sight Word Bingo today - one of Leia's favorite games - and Leia can now read all but two of the words with no problem ("when" and "that" still give her pause). So much progress from when we began playing last summer and  she knew the letters but not the words.
And she loves "doing her homework" on my computer (her school's website has  learning games accessible from home). Whenever Leanne is here, the two of them will sit together, with Leia "teaching" Leanne as they process through the site. And either Frozen or Sandra Boynton will be blaring in the background. My cute little multi-taskers. 


UFO No More

My April project for Twelve in 2014 is done and it's only the 6th!
Which makes me proud . . . until I remember this was Mary's birthday present for last year . . . . .
It's at the long-arm quilters house - aka My Pal Debbie - which was my goal for the month and how I'm claiming this as "done". When it comes back, I'll still need to attach the binding but that's easy and fun. I may not have this done in time for Mary's birthday this year (4/18), but it'll be close. 

Fabric is a jelly roll I bought from Missouri Star Quilt - Rebecca by Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics. I also bought a charm pack, thinking I'd make matching pillows or something.
"Or something" won out when, at 1:00 a.m., I decided this needed more than just the off-white border/binding I'd planned.  
I cut the charm pack in half, sewed it together scrappy-style, and attached it as the outer border. Very pleased with how it turned out.